About SOC

Relationship Statement

Texas State University believes that freedom of thought, innovation, and creativity are fundamental characteristics of a community of scholars. To promote such a learning environment, the university has a special responsibility to seek cultural diversity; to instill a global perspective in its students; and to nurture sensitivity, tolerance, and mutual respect.

Student organizations at Texas State University actively participate in and contribute to a vibrant university community by meeting these expectations. The approximately 400+ registered student organizations at the university provide valuable experiences and opportunities for students to grow as individuals, leaders, and community members. Student Involvement staff members work to be proactive in guiding student organizations by providing education, training, and consultation. Student Involvement partners with registered student organizations to continue to enhance the university community.


As a representative body and a chartered student organization recognized by Texas State University, the Student Organizations Council (SOC) provides direction and support for all registered student organizations at the university.






SOC will provide engaging opportunities for organizations to connect and collaborate.

SOC will recognize those student organizations and student leaders that are consistently making a difference on our campus in our community.

SOC will create educational opportunities for student organizations to promote organizational success. SOC will also provide a monthly newsletter to organization President(s) and organization Advisor(s) notifying them of potential opportunities, upcoming programs, and deadlines that may affect organization registration status.

SOC will review and direct funds to registered student organizations in good standing with Texas State and SOC, as per funding assistance guidelines outlined in the SOC By-Laws, Article I.