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SOC Vice President Application

Apply TODAY!

We are thrilled you are interested in serving as an officer for the Student Organizations Council!

As a representative, a body, and a chartered council recognized by Texas State University, the Student Organizations Council (SOC) provides direction, resources, and support for all registered student organizations at the university. 


SOC is currently seeking a student candidate for the position of SOC Vice President. Please see below the position's responsibilities. 

Vice President 

  • Communicate funding procedure and regulations to student organizations. 

  • Manage and maintain emails regarding funding. 

  • Provide copies of SOC funding applications at officer meetings. 

  • Follow up with student organizations in regard to SOC funding decisions. 

  • Keep a list of organizations ineligible for funding. 

  • Upon completion of an SOC funded program follow up with organization(s) to assess the event total funding  

  • Meet with advisor(s) on a bi-weekly basis 

  • Meet with the President on a bi-weekly basis Conduct one-on-one meetings with the Event Coordinators on a bi-weekly basis  

  • Serve as chair of the Judicial Board when applicable. 

  • Provide additional support for new student organizations including awareness and understanding of Student Involvement and University policies and procedures. 

  • Additional tasks as assigned. 

  • Assume the role of President; if President is inaccessible or the position becomes vacant. 

  •  Hold minimum of four office hours per week to be documented 

  • Additional unpaid hours will vary weekly as a student leader serving the university community, as needed

Should you have any questions regarding the application, application process, and/or specific positions, please feel free to contact SOC at

***Application Deadline is Oct. 22th, 2021***



Classification *

Short Answer Questions

Please respond to the following questions. Limit your response to 125 words max. per question.

Are you available and/or on campus during the summer? *

Terms and Agreement

Please read and indicate by selecting that you understand the following terms. 

I understand that I must be enrolled at Texas State University as a full time-student (minimum 12 credit hours). *
I understand that I must have a Texas State GPA of at least 2.50. *
I understand that I must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University. *
I understand that I must attend the SOC Retreat/Training Days. *
I understand I am required to attend weekly meetings, office hours, and all SOC events. *